WCQS Spring Membership Drive

Last fall WCQS tried a new approach to fundraising - raise the goal without interruption to programming. The response was overwhelmingly positive! You helped us eliminate the traditional On-Air Membership Drive by responding to brief reminders during regularly scheduled breaks. Now it's time to turn the page on 30 years of interruptive fundraisers forever and prove that last fall wasn't a fluke. Let's work together to make this the new, smart-model for fundraising. 

We may have fallen short during our spring membership drive earlier this spring, but listeners rallied for our 1-Day Drive! The drive was a tremendous success, raising $27,000 and helping WCQS meet its spring goal and keeping WCQS on track.

Listener support is WCQS's largest and most reliable source of funding. Listener support pays for the programs you rely on. Listener support keeps WCQS a strong and independent source for news, music and entertainment in Western North Carolina.

WCQS missed its goal during the Spring Membership Drive last month. It is essential that we meet our goals in order to continue to provide the programming you rely on every day. We are holding a one-day drive today to raise $10,000 to keep WCQS on track.

Make a contribution to WCQS today and you'll also be entered to win an iPad and you'll help help pay for the programming you rely on every day.

Mind The Gap. It originated in the London Underground and has been adopted by transit systems around the world. We’re minding our own gap here at WCQS – a [now] $25,000 gap between the money it takes to bring you Morning Edition, All Things Considered, classical music, our local news, Car Talk and other programs – and the money raised during our spring membership drive.

We need your help right now! More than 1,500 people worked together to shorten this drive. Now we're counting on many more of you to do your part and work with us to end this drive successfully. The deadline is tomorrow! We committed to a shorter drive, but we must meet our goal.

Our community of listeners said YES to more news and music and a shorter WCQS membership drive this spring! The drive was scheduled to run for nine days, April 3 - 11. Thanks to loyal and generous supporters, we have been able cut four whole days from the drive and will run April 7 - 11 instead.  

WCQS listeners have cut THREE DAYS from the upcoming Membership Drive! Let's keep the momentum going and cut four or more!

For every $30,000 raised by March 31st the upcoming Membership Drive will be shortened by a day. It can be a nine day drive, a five day drive or even a one day drive! The choice is yours.

WCQS listeners are responding to our call to shorten the upcoming Spring Membership Drive. The drive has already been shortened by one day and we're working on shortening it by another!  Let's keep the momentum going!

For every $30,000 raised by March 31st, the upcoming Membership Drive will be shortened by a day. It can be a nine day drive, or a five day drive – or even a one day drive! The choice is yours.