WCQS Pledge Drive

We've decided to try something new. We think we can raise the funds necessary to support the station without interrupting the programs you love. Traditionally, WCQS interrupts programming to fundraise every Spring and Fall. Our Fall Drive is slated for September 10 - 17, but we're prepared to cancel it if listeners can raise $150,000 by September 10th.

Thanks to everyone who made a pledge to WCQS this spring and to our sustaining members, who support WCQS every day. We ended the drive on schedule, just shy of our $200,000 goal. If you've been meaning to do your part, but just haven't had a chance to give, you can make a secure online donation right now or call WCQS during regular business hours at 210-4800.

Thanks to everyone who has made a pledge to WCQS this spring and our sustaining members, who support WCQS every day. It's been an exciting Pledge Drive this week, with 3 great Member Challenges, 2 wonderfully successful community challenges on some fun drawings, but now it's time to end this drive successfully. Our goal is $200,000 by 6 o'clock today.

At midday we have about $20,000 to make the goal. Help us count down with your contribution right now! 

WCQS is only as vibrant and vital as the community we serve. That’s why we are partnering with PLI and Mountain Food Products in support of Loving Food Resources

Your gift to WCQS this morning will be matched for Asheville Humane Society. Our goal is $10,000 by 10 AM. $10,000 for WCQS means $10,000 in matching funds to benefit two spay and neuter programs at AHS.

Joining Barbara Sayer and Dick Kowal in the studio this morning is Sarah Hess, Asheville Humane Society's Interim Executive Director.

Update! - 9:45 a.m 10/15/14. Listeners met the goal for the Brother Wolf Challenge! Brother Wolf will now receive $10,000 in life-saving veterinary services from Western Carolina Veterinary Surgery for animals in need! Thank you!

We may have fallen short during our spring membership drive earlier this spring, but listeners rallied for our 1-Day Drive! The drive was a tremendous success, raising $27,000 and helping WCQS meet its spring goal and keeping WCQS on track.

Listener support is WCQS's largest and most reliable source of funding. Listener support pays for the programs you rely on. Listener support keeps WCQS a strong and independent source for news, music and entertainment in Western North Carolina.

We need your help right now! More than 1,500 people worked together to shorten this drive. Now we're counting on many more of you to do your part and work with us to end this drive successfully. The deadline is tomorrow! We committed to a shorter drive, but we must meet our goal.

Our community of listeners said YES to more news and music and a shorter WCQS membership drive this spring! The drive was scheduled to run for nine days, April 3 - 11. Thanks to loyal and generous supporters, we have been able cut four whole days from the drive and will run April 7 - 11 instead.  

Our thanks to the 2,400 listeners who supported WCQS this fall, helping us exceed our goal, raising more than $257,000. Every dollar pledged to WCQS helps us stay a strong, independent source for news, music and entertainment in Western North Carolina. Every dollar pledged during the drive is also being matched by Eblen Charities to provide heating assistance to people in need this winter.

Want to have some fun and do some good at the same time? Become a pledge drive phone volunteer! Our Fall Membership Drive is October 10 - 17.  WCQS phone volunteers take the incoming calls from listeners who call in to the station to make their contribution. It's a great way to show your support for WCQS and connect with other public radio fans.

If you are interested in volunteering, contact Membership Associate, Jessica Frantz at 828-210-4812 or email jfrantz@wcqs.org.