Todd Williams

Jon Ostendorff/Asheville Citizen-Times

2 1/2 years on the job, Buncombe County District Attorney Todd Williams stopped by for a one-on-one conversaton with BPR's Jeremy Loeb.

Common Sense Crime Prevention

Jan 8, 2016

Buncombe County Sheriff Van Duncan told a breakfast meeting of the Council of Independent Business Owners in Asheville that common sense could reduce vehicle break-ins by 80% .  The Sheriff delivered a mix message of good news, the county's overall crime rate is down,  and bad news, heroin is a growing problem in the county.  Following the meeting the Sheriff spoke with David Hurand.

Jon Ostendorff/Asheville Citizen-Times

Todd Williams has served as Buncombe County's District Attorney for about six months now, after defeating the long-time DA Ron Moore.  Williams stopped by WCQS for a conversation with Jeremy Loeb about how the job's been going, about issues facing Buncombe County, and about several initiatives he's been working on.