Sustaining Membership FAQs & Benefits

Sustaining Membership FAQs

How do I make changes to my Sustaining Membership?
You can update your address or email, change your monthly contribution, switch to a direct withdrawal from your bank account, or change your credit card information by contacting our Membership Associate, at 828-210-4800 or To ensure the security of your information, please do not send credit card or bank account information via email.

Can I get a thank-you gift?
Absolutely! You are eligible to receive a thank-you gift each year. Please contact the membership department at 828-210-4800 to review the current choices and make your selection.

Are Sustaining Members included in prize drawings?
Sustaining Members are automatically included in every drawing held during our on-air membership drives, including pre-drive drawings. (This does not include paid games of chance such as the Ticket to Ride car raffle.)

What if I have a general question regarding my Sustaining Membership?
Please email us at or call 828-210-4800.

Sustaining Membership Benefits:

  • Uninterrupted membership status with Blue Ridge Public Radio. Your monthly contribution will continue until you choose to make a change.
  • The knowledge that you are making Blue Ridge Public Radio more sustainable. The greater our Sustaining Membership base, the less reliant we are on-air pledge drives.
  • The satisfaction of making your contribution go further to support the services that you rely on.
  • The ease and convenience of automatic contributions with the flexibility of making changes any time.
  • Advance notice of special events and the opportunity to purchase pre-sale tickets to events.
  • The opportunity to request a thank-you gift of your choice each year.
  • Automatic entry in all drawings held during membership drives.