WUNCPolitics Podcast: A Conversation With Jeremy Loeb

Aug 11, 2017
Originally published on August 14, 2017 12:06 pm

This week on the WUNCPolitics Podcast, a conversation with Jeremy Loeb, Morning Edition Host and reporter at Blue Ridge Public Radio.

Jeremy joins Jeff on this politics podcast to discuss redistricting, the powerful U.S. House members from Western North Carolina, craft beer, and what he misses most about WUNC - where he used to work.


At the 1:51 mark: the conversation centers on state legislative redistricting, ordered by a three-judge panel after it found current politic districts to unconstitutionally gerrymander black voters. This week, lawmakers established the criteria from which they will draw the next set of maps.

At the 8:35 mark: the topic shifts to two members of North Carolina's congressional delegation - Mark Meadows and Patrick McHenry.

At the 18:20 mark: Jeremy talks about how cuts to legal aid services that stem from the most recent state budget will affect the Asheville area.

And at the 23:20 mark: Jeremy reflects on life as an early-morning radio host, the best time to visit the Blue Ridge, and his favorite local beer.


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