Real America: Guns in America

May 2, 2014

Real America: Guns in America airs Saturday at three and Sunday at six.

Real America: Guns in America will air Saturday at three and Sunday at six. This special explores America’s gun culture through snapshots of how different communities deal with violence by taking a look at three very different stories around gun control.

  • Ruxandra Guidi hears from Sharletta Evans, an African American mother from Denver, who lost her 3 year old boy, Casson, in a drive by shooting some years ago. Sharletta ended up befriending the teenage killer’s mother and went on to forgive him and to campaign for his release from prison. She is now a very outspoken advocate of gang intervention and restorative justice in Colorado.
  • Dmae Roberts and Skye Fitzgerald venture across Oregon in the wake of the Clackamas mall shooting, and hear about people’s fear of violence, rational or not, that drives the fierce opposition to gun control.
  • It is a little known fact that in the United States more gun deaths are due to suicide than homicide. Kelly Jones and Lu Olkowski explore the legacy of one such suicide to find out what happened to the fiancée left behind, to friends, to the law enforcement officers and to the guns themselves.

Tune in Saturday at three and Sunday at six to hear Real America: Guns in America.

Real America is a production partnership between APM, BBC and the Association of Independents in Radio. The project offers independent producers the opportunity to showcase important stories to a global audience.