Mother-son writing team brings YA thriller to Asheville

Mar 4, 2014

The author of the well-known Bones series has teamed up with her son to write another book in a series of young adult thrillers. "I like to describe us as the #1 mother-son YA thriller forensic science writing team in America,” laughs Brendan Reichs. 

Brendan says he and his mother Kathy came up with the idea for Virals series when Kathy saw how many young women would come to readings for the Bones books.

Kathy and Brendan Reichs will be at Malaprop’s bookstore this evening at 5:30 to read from, and sign copies of, their books.

The goal of the Virals series is to bring some of the same forensic science of Bones to younger readers. And there’s plenty of science-- Tory Brennan, the protagonist (she’s Temperance’s niece, for you Bones fans), is a high schooler who lives in a rural research compound off the South Carolina coast.  She even makes homemade luminol-- that’s the spray people use in crime shows to make trace blood stains glow. 

Brendan says when he and Kathy sat down to talk about writing YA novels, the first thing they decided was to avoid writing down to their audience.

“We thought, let’s just write this the way you would write any other book, but let’s just use other characters," he said. "Because if you write down to a YA audience, you’re going to end up just insulting their intelligence.”

 “If you look at a Tory Brennan book," Kathy added, "It's equally as long as any Temperance Brennan book. It’s got a lot of complex plot twists going on.” Exposure, the fourth book in the Virals series, is out today.