Creative Guidelines

The programming environment on public radio is compelling, engaging and free of clutter. With an average of only eight, 15-second local messages per hour (2 per break), there is virtually no tune out. Your message will be heard.

On-air public radio: sponsorship messages can…

  •  Be a maximum total length of 15 seconds
  • Announce primary information: name, location, years in business
  • Include factual, value-neutral descriptions of a sponsor or its products, services or events
  • List up to 4 services provided
  • Day(s) or date(s) of event
  • Website URL


The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina – working with individuals and families to establish charitable funds that support organizations and communities across Western North Carolina – now and forever – with more at C-F-W-N-C dot org

Ingles Supermarkets – providing seasonal produce, craft made breads and organic hormone free meats from local and regional providers – serving the region for over 50 years – with more at Ingles hyphen markets dot com

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or call Steve Busey at

The FCC asks Public Radio to avoid…

  • Comparative, qualitative, suggestive endorsements or promotional language
  • Addressing the usefulness, convenience or advantages of a product of service
  • Inducement to buy, sell, rent, lease, borrow or loan
  • Price or value information
  • First person or second person words which imply endorsement (I, you, they, we)
  • More than two mentions of a company name including URL
  • No direct calls to action

"...with information available at ABC dot com”

"...go to ABC dot com"

Website Advertising

Ads for placement on our website should be the following dimensions:

  • Medium - 300 x 250 px
  • Mobile - 320 x 50 px