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Connecting your business with the people who shape Asheville and WNC

  Blue Ridge Public Radio delivers NPR NEWS and entertainment, classical music, jazz and traditional regional music in a thoughtful, noncommercial, environment. During the weekday commute, WCQS and BPR News carry trusted national and international news from Morning Edition and All Things Considered—while our staff of radio journalists covers state and regional issues with the same thoughtful perspective.

Each week the stations of BPR reach 110,000 highly engaged listeners, the largest audience in the Asheville Metro area, including all public and commercial formats. And no listeners report changing channels due to sponsorship announcements in contrast to commercial radio behavior.

WCQS truly is the "Heart of the Arts" in Western North Carolina making classical music accessible with friendly and educational commentary. WCQS supports arts and culture in Asheville and WNC, offering a return to the fundamentals of effective marketing- a simple, honest message delivered to a loyal audience in a non cluttered and high integrity environment.

When you become a Blue Ridge Public Radio supporter, you are in good company!

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Why Be a Business Sponsor?

  • #1 Radio Station among households making $75,000+
  • BPR attracts loyal listeners from all walks of life. They are highly educated, culturally passionate and concerned with the issues facing their community and the world at large.
  • Public radio leads all major media in user loyalty, more than twice the loyalty and time spent listening than that of commercial radio.
  • Strategic marketing partnership focused on your goals. Underwriting on public radio delivers dual marketing benefits to your organization:
    • Your message reaches an exceptionally devoted audience that is hard to capture through traditional media.
    • Your support of a respected nonprofit public service generates goodwill.
  • Our radio audiences are located in 15 North Carolina counties, as well as parts of Upstate South Carolina, North Georgia, and East Tennessee. Streaming has expanded our reach in the digital realm with apps for all major mobile platforms.